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About Us:

MICHAEL S. GOLDSTEIN is an Attorney (admitted in New York and Florida), New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and adoptive father of three who concentrates his practice in adoptions. For almost 30 years, Michael has been involved with over 2,500+ successful adoptions, which include domestic, agency, international, readoption, single parent, two parent, second parent, and foster care adoptions. Michael's representation has assisted clients to be successful in adopting within the United States and other countries through advertising, word-of-mouth, internet, and contacts with the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys (AAAA; a nationally recognized group of adoption attorneys), as well as with many adoption agencies. In 2007 Michael and his wife, Joy, co-founded "Forever Families Through Adoption, Inc.," a New York and Connecticut licensed adoption placement agency and resource center.

Michael, who received the prestigious 2006 Congressional "Angels in Adoption" Award, is one of only three attorneys nationally approved by the Department of State to provide international incoming and outgoing adoption services under the Hague Treaty. He is a founding member, past Board Member, and current Fellow of the AAAA and a founding and Board member of New York Attorneys for Adoption and Family Formation (NYAAFF).

Michael is Governor Emeritus and Legal Advisor of the Tri-State Adoptive Parents Committee; and has appeared on national television and radio as an adoption expert. In addition, he is also a frequent lecturer and contributing author for the Tri-State Adoptive Parents Committee, the North American Council on Adoptable Children, The Joint Council on International Children's Services, Jewish Child Care Association, and Wanna Be Moms/ Wanna Be Dads at the Center for Gay and Lesbians. Michael has also authored articles and chapters in publications such as the Consumers Report, "AdopTalk" Monthly Newsletter, and the New York City Bar Association's Continuing Education Program "What Every Lawyer Should Know About Adoption." Michael is also a member of The Joint Council on International Children's Services.

Meet Our Staff:

Renee S. Franklin, Senior Legal Assistant and Notary Public, holds a Bachelor's Degree and has been on staff since 1996. Renee has been involved with hundreds of successful adoptions, working with adoptive and biological parents, attorneys, agencies, and Courts.

Joy S. Goldstein, LCSW, ACSW, Michael's wife, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, adoptive mother of three and Adoption Consultant for The Law Firm. In her capacity, during the past 27+ years, she has counseled thousands of birthparents and adoptive parents, and has been involved with over 2,500+ successful adoptions. Joy is a frequent lecturer on topics such as: Relationships with Birthparents, before and after placement; Preparing Birthparent Letters/Profiles; Home Study Approval Process; and locating a birthparent through ads, internet, and word-of-mouth. Joy is also the Executive Director and co-founder of "Forever Families Through Adoption, Inc.," a New York and Connecticut authorized adoption placement agency and resource center.

Jacqueline Palma, Bookkeeper (Bilingual/Spanish) and Notary Public, has been on staff since 2009. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, and has been working in the financial field for over 23 years.

Paula Patafio, Legal Assistant/Bookkeeper and Notary Public, a business school graduate, has been on staff since 1999. She has been successful working with foster parents, agencies, attorneys, Social Services, and Courts to ensure successful foster care and agency finalizations.

Wanda Romero, Legal Assistant (Bilingual/Spanish) and Notary Public (NY/CT), holds an Associate Degree. She began with our office in 1994, left for a short period of time, and returned in 2002. She works with adoptive and biological parents, attorneys and Courts.

Margaret (Peg) Albury Morrissey, Esq. is licensed in NJ. She is also a certified social worker and birth mother who reunited with her birth child after a search. Peg has handled our New Jersey Court proceedings since 1999.

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All of the children portrayed or mentioned on this web site are with their forever families and are NOT available for adoption.

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