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We Need You:

As a professional in the field, you may work with us to help with certain aspects of the adoption process!

For our domestic cases, we are in regular need of agencies, out-of-state attorneys, social workers, pediatricians, child care providers and other professionals that work in the adoption field.

For our international cases, we work with various agencies and professionals both in the United States and abroad. As one of only three approved attorneys in the United States, Michael S. Goldstein, Esq., LCSW, is authorized to act as a primary provider of adoption services in cases subject to the Hague Convention ("the Convention"). As a primary provider, Michael may also supervise agencies and attorneys to ensure that all six adoption services, described below, are provided according to the Convention*. Supervised providers need not yet be familiar with the Convention's standards as our office will train your staff and work with you in a supervisory role to ensure that all services are provided in accordance with the Convention's provisions.

*Hague Convention Specifics

Only adoption service providers that have been accredited or approved on a Federal level may offer certain key adoption services for adoptions under the Hague Convention. According to the Convention, only an accredited agency, a temporarily accredited agency, an approved person, a supervised provider, or an exempted provider can offer or provide adoption services. (22 CFR Part 96, Accreditation and Approval Standards)

A supervised provider is any agency, person, or other nongovernmental entity, including any foreign entity, that is providing one or more adoption services in a Convention case under the supervision and responsibility of an accredited agency, temporarily accredited agency, or approved person that is acting as the primary provider in the case. (22 CFR 96.2)

Adoption service means any one of the following six services:

(1) Identifying a child for adoption and arranging an adoption;
(2) Securing the necessary consent to termination of parental rights and to adoption;
(3) Performing a background study on a child or a home study on a prospectiv adoptive parent(s), and reporting on such a study;
(4) Making non-judicial determinations of the best interests of a child and the appropriateness of an adoptive placement for the child;
(5) Monitoring a case after a child has been placed with prospective adoptive parent(s) until final adoption; or
(6) When necessary because of a disruption before final adoption, assuming custody and providing (including facilitating the provision of) child care or any other social service pending an alternative placement.

If you are an agency, professional, or other non-governmental entity who is interested in providing one or more adoption services under the supervision of Michael S. Goldstein ESQ., LCSW, Please contact us here!

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Hague Accreditation for Incoming and Outgoing Adoptions Through March 31, 2017
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All of the children portrayed or mentioned on this web site are with their forever families and are NOT available for adoption.

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