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Pregnant or Parenting and Considering Adoption:

If you are pregnant or parenting, and are thinking about making an adoption plan for your child, we would be honored to help you through this emotional process. You deserve to be represented by an experienced adoption attorney. The law office of Michael S. Goldstein, Esq., LCSW, has concentrated its practice in adoption for almost 30 years. Our extensive expertise in the field of adoption will prove to be invaluable. Our caring and devoted staff members work closely with birth parents like you every day. Please contact us confidentially through our web link here or call 1-800-582-3678 so we can help you navigate through the adoption process.

Whether you have already chosen adoptive parents or you are in the process of locating the "perfect" family for your child, we will work closely with you and with the adoptive parents' attorney or adoption agency, to be sure that your adoption is as secure as possible and that your wishes are fulfilled.

Birth parents often connect with adoptive parents through various means such as newspaper advertisements; the internet; or by networking with family, friends, clergy, and other helpful sources. Once you have chosen an adoptive family, many, but not all, birth parents are eager to have a more "intimate" adoption where they and the adoptive parents build a relationship. In a more "open" adoption such as this, birth parents may choose to have direct contact with the adoptive parents and may request contact after the placement. Often times, contact after birth is in the form of letters and photos that will be exchanged through our office, allowing identifying information to remain confidential.

If you prefer a more "closed" adoption and wish to have no contact or limited contact with the adoptive parents, our experienced staff will help make your adoption a reality no matter what degree of contact you desire.

What we have learned from birth parents over the years, amongst many things, is their strong desire to be involved throughout the process in their adoption plan and we agree that your involvement is of utmost importance. Our understanding and experienced staff will guide you throughout the adoption process, will help you establish a relationship with the adoptive parents, if that is your wish, and we will gather the information that is important to you. We will represent you and get approval for your pregnancy-related medical and living expenses if you need them. Having a high comfort level from the beginning is essential and we will help to make your adoption plan a successful one.

Questions Frequently Asked by Expectant Parents or Parents of Children Considering Adoption:

Q. Can the adoptive parents be present for the birth?
A. Depending on where the adoptive parents live, they can be with you for the delivery if that is your wish. If you prefer, they can be in the waiting room at the hospital, or waiting at home.

Q. Will my baby have to go into foster care/cradle care?
A. No. If the adoptive parents live in the USA, it is likely that the baby will be discharged directly to the adoptive parents if that is your wish. If the adoptive parents live outside of the USA and the baby is discharged from the hospital prior to their arrival, the baby will be well cared for in a private home until they arrive.

Q. Can I name the baby?
A. Yes. You can name the baby and the name you choose will go on the child's original birth certificate. After the adoption is finalized, the adoptive parents will receive an amended birth certificate which will show their information and the name they choose for the child. Of course, you can discuss with them the name that you would like the child to have.

Q. Can I receive assistance with medical expenses?
A. If you do not have private insurance, you might be eligible for Medicaid. If not, any uncovered medical bills will be paid for by the adoptive parents.

Q. Can I receive financial assistance during my pregnancy?
A. Yes. Depending on where you live will determine how much assistance you can receive, pursuant to that state's law. Reasonable pregnancy-related expenses are paid for by the adoptive parents through their attorney or agency for a period of time prior to and after delivery while you recuperate.

Q. How will the transition of my child to the adoptive parents take place?
A. While it depends on the age and temperament of your child, transition takes place over time-sometimes well over a week. It would typically start with the adoptive parents visiting the child in your presence; then the child will go for a short visit with the adoptive parents; then an overnight... and so on, until the child is ready to live with the adoptive parents permanently.

Q. Can I have contact with the adoptive parents after the placement?
A. Yes, if the adoptive parents agree to this. This will be something you will want to discuss with the adoptive parents early in your relationship. Often times, adoptive parents are eager to provide birth parents with letters and photos. Verbal contact and visitation is not the "norm", however, there are families that are comfortable with this degree of openness. As your attorneys, we will ensure that your wishes are put into a written Agreement signed by you and the adoptive parents.

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